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Crown & Tiara Display Case & Velvet Throne - Custom Colors

Crown & Tiara Display Case & Velvet Throne - Custom Colors
Clear Acrylic Base for the Crown Display Case Walnut Base for the Crown Display Case Black Crushed Velvet Black Plush Velvet Black Crushed Velvet Black Plush Velvet Blue Crushed Velvet Ice Blue Crushed Velvet Burgundy Crushed Velvet Burgundy Plush Velvet Dark Green Plush Velvet Ivory Crushed Velvet Case (shown with Medium Pageant Gold Crown) Dark Purple Plush Velvet Red/Gold Plush Velvet Pure White Crushed Velvet Case
New lower price options! A beautiful way to proudly display and protect your treasured crowns and tiaras. Great for use as a pageant crown case, a wedding crown case, an orthodox or Greek wedding crown case, a tiara crown case, prom, Mardi Gras, or anyone looking for a beautiful way to proudly display and protect your treasured tiaras, crowns, and banners. Unlike other similar crown cases, there is no pillow to slide around and damage your prized crown. Our patent-pending design allows you to nestle tiaras' combs so the tiara doesn't tilt forward resting awkwardly like other cases on the market.

Our crown display case is a durable clear Lucite with an optional clear acrylic or walnut base. Also optional are our new fasteners...exclusively offered by Leslie's Best, Inc. Our fasteners are sold in pairs and are a great way to keep your prized crown or tiara in place and protect it from damage. The notched edges of the bases keep the display case cover neatly in place. Save money by buying the five-sided clear acrylic display case, or build your dream case by adding the base of your choice.

Your crown or tiara sparkles while nestled on its own optional velvety "throne." The "throne" has a flat bottom and is lined with flowing velvet with a soft filling so you can manipulate it around your crown or tiara in order to get an even more custom fit. Choose from custom colors to match your team colors, pageant colors, wedding colors, or just give it to that special person as a gift with their favorite color. No returns or exchanges on these since they are made to order.

Fabric Choices:

Crushed Velvet: Fabric has a pretty crushed texture. 100% polyester stretch panne crushed velvet.

Plush Velvet: Our plushest velvet...this is a velvet that is sure to impress any king or queen. Thicker than the Crushed Velvet, yet still soft and flowy. Due to the significantly higher cost of the Plush Velvets, cases with Plush Velvet have an additional fee. Please note, the red/gold Plush Velvet is a red velvet with an elegant, and very subtle, gold sheen when the light hits it just right. At first glance, it looks like a dark red velvet.

How to Order an In Stock Case Size

  1. Choose the display case from the Case Options below. You may view pictures of the bases by clicking the image to the left (monitor colors may vary). When considering case size, remember to allow an extra inch in height and width for space plus a few extra inches in height for the velvet pad. Custom sizes are available. To get a quote on a custom case, please contact us with the case size and deadline.
  2. If this case will be used for a tiara or crown so we know whether to make it with the slots for nesting tiara combs.
  3. Choose the "Production Time" that best suits your deadline. Production time does not include shipping transit time, so please remember to add the shipping transit time to the production to get a guideline as to when your crown case will actually be delivered.
  4. Choose "Velvet Style/Color." The plush velvet is a much nicer, more expensive fabric. Click the image for detailed images of colors and fabrics. Mouse over the image to see the color and fabric name. The color shown in the image is the Ivory Crushed Velvet (shown with our Medium Pageant Gold Crown). NOTE: Monitor colors may vary.
  5. Height of crown or tiara this case will be used for so we know how tall to make the pillow.
  6. Select if the case is for a tiara or crown so that we know whether to put slots in the "throne" for the tiara.
  7. Finally select the quantity you want of this case, then click the "Add to Shopping Bag" icon. Then either continue shopping or finish checking out.

How to Order a Custom Case Size

If you would like to order a custom case,
  • Measure the diameter and the height of the crown or tiara
  • Add 2? to the width and 4" to the height (to allow space for the crown plus the velvet pad). For example, a crown with a diameter of 6? and height of 7?, requires a case that is 8? wide x 8" deep x 11? tall.
  • We make custom cases for displaying other treasures such as scepters, collectibles, footballs and sports helmets, military coins, antiques, jewelry, etc. Please contact us with details and measurements for a price quote on any size that is not listed.

All aspects of of Leslie's Best, Inc. crown and tiara box case designs are protected by copyright & strictly enforced.

ShpWt. 3.01 lbs
Production Time
Case Options
Velvet Style/Color
Crown/Tiara Height
For Tiara or Crown?
Protective Fasteners (pair)
Our price: $94.99
Market price: $250.00

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