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Small Town or Low Budget Teams

Small Town or Low Budget Teams

Small Town or Low Budget Teams

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About This Class

dcNet gets a lot of requests for help from coaches and officers facing challenges as a result of being in a small town which offers little in the area of talent and resources. Coaching a team in a small town presents unique situations and challenges for a coach or team leader, especially when that coach is new or inexperienced, or if the team is new. "Innovative Ideas for Small Town Teams" has been designed to offer the newest, most innovative ideas on running a successful small town team. Often small town schools lack coaching candidates, and appoint a parent or teacher as the director who has absolutely no experience in running such a team. Then they throw them to the wolves to figure out what to do. Whether dealing with starting a new team, working on a bare bones budget, or trying to work with a bare bones team, you will find creative, real life solutions to these situations and more.

About The Instructor

Marie Grace Dimaano has 15 years studio training in ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Marie is currently a guest dancer with the Roustabouts Dance Co. at various venues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the summer of 2002. She is currently an indepedent judge and choreographer for dance and drill teams and has choreographed several award winning routines. She is the former Director for the State Ranked Carrollton Christian Academy Drill Team. The Angels of Carrollton Christian Academy placed first and second in all categories entered. They received awards for showmanship, choreography, and the perfect sweepstakes award. The Angels Officers received sweepstakes awards for their performances at camp and competition, as well as the Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence. Marie was the Director of Choreography for an original musical comedy based in Austin, TX. She was a member of the 1998 Texas Aggie Dance Team. She was an officer and member of the Newman Smith Troyann Drill Team. Marie has won many awards for solo and group performances at nationwide drill team competitions and nationwide dance conventions.

Marie is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Math and a Minor in Dance from the University of North Texas.



Required Materials


Course Type

This is not a certification course. Students will receive an electronic report card via email upon completion of the class in PDF format which students may print to hard copy version via their browsers. To view PDF formats, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Course Level

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate directors or for team leaders who are seeking to improve their team's effectiveness.

Course Objectives

  • To prepare students for success in their coaching adventure.
  • To help students develop solutions for their unique situations.
  • To challenge the creativity of students.
  • To expand student knowledge about the various aspects of coaching.
  • To provide students with enough information so they are able to evaluate and challenge the status quo.
  • To provide basic resources necessary for any inexperienced coach to feel confident with their new coaching responsibilities.


Assignment % of Grade
Assignments/Quizzes/Problem Solving 75%
Final Exam25%


below 60%=F

Make-Up Exams And Late Work

Full Students Only: It is important to turn in assignments on a timely basis, because this helps show how you'd meet deadlines on day to day real life scenarios. You will generally have a couple of days to turn in assignments. Work should be submitted by due dates unless prior arrangements are made with instructor. Assignments will be accepted up to one week late but will be penalized 10 points, and no assignments will be accepted more than one week late without prior approval from the instructor or an excused absence as explained in the SpiritU Before you Begin section.

Input From Coaching Principles Students

I really enjoyed hearing the comments from the teacher. I felt I learned more from the comments and ideas she gave me rather than my own research wich I had already been learning from for two years. Excellent ability to lead class and facilitate discussion or interaction. Excellent knowledge of subject matter. Excellent enthusiasm. Excellent organization of class. Overall quality of class: Excellent! Would consider taking another SpiritU class if one is available to fit what I need for my team.

Susie L.
[quoted from student's course evaluation]

The assignments each week really made me think about how to apply the info learned in the lectures, and really got my creativity going! Ms. Crum was very prompt in answering my emails and did a very thorough job of answering any questions I had. She also let me know when she would be out of town and unable to reply as quickly, which was a major plus in keeping me "in the loop" so to speak! I loved the material covered. It'll really help when I start my own team. I think that the organization was fitting with the schedule a director would ordinarily follow with a new team. This class definitely motivated me, and I can't wait to direct my own team someday. Plus, when I do, I'll have a lot of preparation and knowledge gained from this class.

I think that I was evaluated fairly, and though some of the assignments were easy due to my personal experiences, most really took some thinking and research and made me earn my grade. Excellent ability to lead class and facilitate discussion or interaction. Excellent knowledge of subject matter. Excellent instructor enthusiasm. Excellent organization of class. Excellent motivation to improve your coaching skills and knowledge. Value of information provided: Excellent! Overall quality of class: Excellent! I am anxiously waiting for the judging certification class, since I would like to be able to judge for other teams' auditions, and when my own schedule allows, I plan to take the coaching certification course.

Melissa Darnell
[quoted from student's course evaluation]

Course Syllabus

Week 1 Tryouts & Marketing
  • Tryouts Are Important in a Small Town Squad
  • Funding an Effective Tryout
  • Deciding Who Makes It/ Using Girls Who Don't
  • Using Officers to Your Advantage
  • Marketing Your Team To Get Results & Respect
  • Open Discussion - Discussing Your Unique Needs
Week 2 Fundraising In a Small Town
  • Getting the Most Money from a Small Town
  • Got One Tiny Town With Twenty Five Organizations Fundraising?
  • Tricks To Getting Team Members & Parents Motivated
  • Handling Those Who Don't Pull Their Weight
  • Fundraisers that Work in a tapped community
Week 3 Innovative Ways to Find Routine Material
  • Finding The Right Camp For You
  • Camp -- Making the most of an expensive experience
  • Alternatives To Camp
  • Getting the Most New Material for your Money
  • Using your New Routines
  • Hosting a Home Camp for Bucks
  • Important Alternative Resources You Shouldn't Miss
Week 4 Uniforms and Equipment
  • Tips for Making Good Uniform and Equipment Choices
  • Innovative Alternatives for Acquiring Uniforms and Equipment
  • Caring for Uniforms and Equipment
  • Selecting Versatile Uniforms and Equipment
  • Choosing the Right Colors
Week 5 Budgeting, Supplies & Resources
  • Budget Basics & Examples
  • Budgeting For A Small Town or Low Budget Team
  • Using the Internet
  • Networking & Resources
Week 6 Relations & Working With What You Got
  • The Importance of Attitude
  • Team Building With A DeMotivated Squad
  • Choosing Activities That Appropriately Represent Your Squad
  • Working on Teams With Limited Dance/Spirit Experience
  • Open Discussion - Planning For Your Own Future




PLEASE NOTE: Syllabus is tentative and subject to change.

[Class authored by Leslie Goettsch and edited by Marie Grace Dimaano. All SpiritU? classes are written exclusively for SpiritU?, and are the sole property of Leslie's Best, Inc.]

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