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Baton Twirling Basics For Teachers & Students

Baton Twirling Basics For Teachers & Students

Baton Twirling Basics For Teachers & Students

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About This Class

The "Baton Twirling Basics For Teachers & Students" course is a guide to help new baton students and teachers improve themselves and their students and to prepare new twirlers for their first audition or performance. If you are a new baton teacher, teach beginners, or a new baton twirler, this course is for you!

We will cover many important areas such as "how to"execute beginner moves, types and uses of twirling equipment, how to choose a proper baton, planning an effective class, what is appropriate vocabulary for a beginner student. We will also explore different types of routines, and how to construct a beginner routine, as well as style and sportsmanship, body discipline, how and where to buy a costume, and teaching shortcuts. Many resources for information and products will also be provided.

Because everyone learns at their own pace, some students may need to dedicate more time than others to the baton techniques taught in this course. I will try my best to taylor the course to each student or teacher that enrolls. Good luck and keep twirling!

About The Instructor

Kristi Moore started taking baton twirling at the age of 6 through her county's recreation department and started private lessons soon after. She joined the Wheaton Majorettes, a National and World Champion team based out of Rockville, Maryland, at age 8. Kristi became addicted to twirling and continued through junior high and high school, both on a individual and team level. She won numerous individual Maryland State titles and became one of the Feature Twirlers for Damascus High School. As a member of the Wheaton Majorettes, she was in over 25 Grand National Champion Dance Twirl and Twirling Teams and won the team's MVP award 3 years in a row. In 1996, Kristi was a member of Team USA, which won the World Champion Dance Twirl Team in Milan, Italy. She was a Feature Twirler at the University of Maryland for 3 years and finished her twirling career with a performance at the Orange Bowl last year. Kristi started teaching baton when she was 13. Some of her students have qualified for and won National Championships in two-baton. She currently teaches about 35 kids in the Maryland/Virginia area, who are members of the Wheaton Majorettes.


Basic computer and email skills. You will need a place to practice baton twirling, preferably outdoors or in a very large room with high ceilings.

Course Type

This is not a certification course. Students will receive an electronic report card via email upon completion of the class in PDF format which students may print to hard copy version via their browsers. To view PDF formats, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Required Materials

  • Computer software program (Word, notepad, etc.) in which you can keep a journal.
  • An email address.
  • A baton. If you already have a baton, a FITTED and BALANCED quality baton is acceptable. If you do not have a fitted and balanced quality baton, you may purchase one by clicking here.

Course Objectives

  • To help the beginner baton student learn basic and proper twirling techniques.
  • To help the coach understand what baton techniques are appropriate to teach a begginer student, and how to effectively teach said techniques.
  • To allow the coach and student to apply their new knowlege to their current twirling career.
  • To provide suggestions to increase stamina, flexibility, and health of the baton twirler and support technique.
  • To provide knowledge of how to construct a good twirling routine.
  • To provide a solid base on which to continue a twirling career to the intermediate level.
  • To provide support from the instructor, other students, and twirling community.
  • To provide knowledge of the twirling world with guidance to resources as provided by the instructor.


  • Quizzes, Problem Solving 50%
  • Practice Journal 25%
  • Final Project 25%


: 90-100% = A
: 80-89.9% = B
: 70-79.9% = C
: 60-69.9% = D
: below 60% = F

Make-Up Exams And Late Work

Full Students Only: It is important to turn in assignments on a timely basis, because this helps show how you'd meet deadlines on day to day real life scenarios. You will generally have a couple of days to turn in assignments. Work should be submitted by due dates unless prior arrangements are made with instructor. Assignments will be accepted up to one week late but will be penalized 10 points, and no assignments will be accepted more than one week late without prior approval from the instructor or an excused absence as explained in the SpiritU Before you Begin section.

Input From Baton Twirling Basics Students

Arm Roll - getting pretty good at this one. (I took my baton with me and practiced while camping!) I have been doing good on all the skills at remembering my posture, foot position and smiling. It is amazing how easy this has become after just a few weeks of trying to remember. I like the arm roll and feel pretty confident doing it. The Leg Roll Right is a little tougher to catch on. I am still practicing this one though. The Elbow Roll - I like this one too. I am getting better with practice and it is getting smoother. Body Roll - I am okay at this one. Need to practice it more. I have been practicing all of the skills from earlier weeks and do feel much better about my twirling skills.

Evaluation - I can not believe how much this course has helped me in just a few weeks. I really like the individual feedback that I have gotten. Just knowing that I have to tell someone how I am doing on my skills has increased my practice time and helped me improve.

Melissa D.
[quoted from student's mid-term evaluation]

Excellent Testing/Evaluations/Projects. Excellent ability to lead class and facilitate discussion or interaction. Excellent knowledge of subject matter. Excellent instructor enthusiasm. Excellent organization of class. Excellent value of information provided. Excellent motivation to improve your coaching skills and knowledge. Excellent overall quality of class. Would consider taking another more SpiritU twirling classes.

Melissa D.

Dear Spirit-U,

I am currently enrolled in the Twirling Basics class--as a coach. I am really enjoying the class, and I think that Ms. Steiner has obviously put in a lot of time and effort in teaching this class. Ms. Steiner has been very helpful and so far all of the material has been useful, but I am really looking forward to the next few weeks. I believe the material in weeks four, five, and six will be more beneficial to my business. Thank you for offering this class and for finding the right person to teach it. Sincerely,
Donna Kennamore

All of these were very thorough. Ms. Steiner was very thorough. It was very obvious that Ms. Steiner spent a lot of time on her lessons. Ms. Steiner was fine...it was my emailing system that gave me fits. :), Once again everything was very thorough. I learned some new ways of teaching some of the fundamentals. I was excited to reteach using something that I had learned from class when a few of my students were not "getting it." Once again everything was very thorough.

Excellent Testing/Evaluations/Projects. These methods were good indicators of new skills, because Ms. Steiner would give me even more ideas during my evaluations. Excellent ability to lead class and facilitate discussion or interaction. Excellent knowledge of subject matter. Excellent instructor enthusiasm. Excellent organization of class. Value of information provided: Excellent! Motivation to improve your coaching skills and knowledge: Excellent! Overall quality of class: Excellent !

Donna L. Kennamore
[quoted from student's mid-term evaluation]

Course Syllabus

Week 1

Twirling Theory

  • Types of equipment used by majorettes
  • Anatomy of the baton
  • What type of baton to buy
  • Where and how to buy a baton

  • Appropriate age and body composition of a beginner.

  • Getting the most out of Practice Time
  • Practice Journal Assignment
  • Box Theory and baton pattern
  • Free Hand and Body
  • "Pattern" Tricks

  • Mirror and speed tips
  • Lunges
Week 2 Style and Grace

  • Review tricks from Week 1
  • Address questions and problems through email or forum

  • "Passing" tricks
  • Importance of staying fit

  • Strength exercise
  • Stamina exercise
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Balance Exercise
  • Good nutrition
  • Practice Journal Assignment

  • What to wear to practice
  • How to wear hair to practice
  • What to wear to compete
  • Hairstyling techniques used by majorettes
  • Makeup techniques used by majorettes
  • How and where to buy a costume and shoes
  • What NOT to wear!
Week 3 More Tips and Tricks

  • Review Tricks from Weeks 1 and 2
  • Address questions and problems through email or forum

  • "Roll" Tricks
  • Turns used in beginner routines
  • Practice Journal Assignment

  • Planning an effective class
  • Smooth and clean

  • Quiz
Week 4 Leaping Ahead

  • Review tricks from Weeks 1, 2, and 3
  • Address questions and problems through email or forum

  • "Aerial" Tricks
  • Leaps used in beginner routines
  • Practice Journal Assignment

  • Types of routines
  • Choosing music
  • Choreographing to music
Week 5 Moving and Shaking

  • Review tricks from Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Address questions and problems through email or forum

  • "Finger" twirls
  • Spins used in beginner routines
  • Dance steps used in beginner routines
  • Parade, Military and Field Positions/Strutting
  • Practice Journal Assignment


Week 6 Putting It All Together

  • Review tricks from Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Address questions and problems through email or forum

  • How to link tricks
  • Some links to try

  • Consruction of a good routine
  • Documenting a routine
  • An example beginner routines

  • Tips for preparing for contest
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Example contest score sheets

  • Final Assignment- Write your own 64-count beginner routine.
[Class authored by Rose Steiner and Leslie Goettsch, and edited by Kristi Moore. All SpiritU? classes are written exclusively for SpiritU?, and are the sole property of Leslie's Best, Inc.]

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