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One stop shop for colorguard, winterguard, drill team, JROTC, military, parade, sabre dance, theatrical supply for weapons and props, and other pageantry and marching auxiliary groups. We are a supplier of quality stylish products and equipment including demilitarized drill team competition rifles replicas, sabres, parts, tapes, accessory storage racks, training tools, instructional videos, tote bags, and more. We cater to schools, competition groups, independent guards, military permance groups, youth teams, and their instructors, band directors, and any others involved in related pep or pageantry arts.

NOTE TO GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS: Leslie's Best, Inc. is a woman owned business. Government organizations work to ensure minority and woman-owned firms have an equal opportunity to participate in government business opportunities.

Need help selecting a rifle?
  • Colored X-Rifles: Our new X-Rifle will truly change everything you know about rifles from consistent spin, no taping, easy cleaning and no replacing. Choose from 8 team colors! Made from a molded Polyethylene Polymer allowing the X-Rifle to be virtually unbreakable. Every X-Rifle is free from defects, identical in shape, size, color and weight. Rifle weights come in 7 different increments so you can work your way up slowly or go to the specific weight of your choice. Simply add our adjustable weights that are hidden inside you rifle. Better yet, it has a limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • G & S Rifles & Parts: Wooden rifles that weigh around 2 lbs. Great selection of accessories. Rifles also available in black.
  • George Miller & Sons Rifles: Brand new, and VERY hard to find! Sure to become one of our best selling wooden rifles. Unmatched for balance and durability. We believe in their rifles so much, we offer a lifetime "no questions asked" guarantee that their rifles are unbreakable!* Can choose color on bolt, butt/end pads, & optional strap. Choose weight too.
  • Mark 1 Rifles & Parts: One of our best selling rifles! Extra strong polystyrene material makes this less likely to break than wooden rifles. Constructed so color of rifle now goes all the way through the rifle, eliminating chips in paint. Comes complete with chrome-plated non-moving parts, leather sling, and metal barrel tip with plastic cap. Approx. 3-4 lbs. each. Popular with ROTC and JROTC groups.
  • Springfield M-30 Replicas: Why pay over $400 for the demilitarized Spiringfield rifles when you can get an authentic replica from the manufacturer who made these Springfield training rifles for the Department of Defense during WWII for under $50? Full 42" size detailed unfirable replica of the M-30 M1903 Springfield rifle. Popular with ROTC and JROTC groups.
Don't forget to visit the Accessories section for tapes, bags, organizer racks, and more! Our rifle and sabre bags make great gifts and protect your investments.

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