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Dance drill team, pep squad, pom team, colorguard, cheerleading & coaching magazines, books, & publications. Learn about cheerleading coaching, planning practices and programs, skills, stunts, stunting safety, philosophies, tips, techniques, tryouts, motions, and more. Other books incude cheerleader and drill team high kick technique, officers notebooks, and more.

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American Dance Team Leader
Get help for officer tryouts from dance/drill team expert and Backstage Coach, Gina Sawyer. Persuade the judges that YOU are the winning candidate! Dancers may demonstrate excellent talent, but officers are often chosen in the interview. Score More Points by taking the Interview I.Q. Test. Find out how judges recognize leadership potential, and learn the secrets to effective communication.
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Coaching Cheerleading Successfully
The definitive how-to book on coaching cheerleaders. Explains cheer techniques, moves and basics as well as how to plan and develop cheerleading programs. All of its suggestions for skills and stunts follow the National Federation of State High School Association's safety guidelines.
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Complete Cheerleading
Jam packed information for cheerleaders and coaches. From training tips to pep rallies, camps to competitions, this book has it all. Inside, you'll find over 200 photos, sample worksheets, forms, drills, individual and team techniques, and more. Easy to follow and well-written by two experienced coaches.
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Successful Coaching : The Best Selling Coaching Book 3rd Ed.
The definitive how-to manual on coaching. More than 130,000 readers have turned to this resource. Successful Coaching is used by the American Sport Education Program and the National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Association as a text for their Coaching Principles courses.
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Texas Cheerleaders: The Spirit of America
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A wonderful nostalgic tribute to the history and spirit of cheerleading and drill team. Has vintage and modern pictures of famous groups like the Kilgore Rangerettes, the Apache Belles, Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer, and the Cowboy Cheerleaders.
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The Performance Dictionary
A Powerhouse of Terminology for Dancers and the Entertainment Industry. Empowers students, teachers and choreographers in the performing arts with a rich and descriptive vocabulary. A must read for anyone in the entertainment business.

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The Team Book
This 125+ page, year-long reference book and planner shows you the what, when and how of starting, running and maintaining a successful cheer or dance program. Organized by month, you'll always be prepared with to-do lists and comprehensive "how to" articles, timelines, organizational charts, forms and checklists. A must-have for any coach, advisor or student leader.
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