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Leslie's Best Charities

Leslie's Best, Inc is commited to giving back to our community in the following areas:

  • Performing groups.
  • Military groups and vets.
  • Other good causes that use our products and/or services.
Leslie's Best has assisted many people and groups in need including the Make A Wish foundation, struggling dance teams in New Orleans, and many veterans groups. We have decided to try to take this up a notch or two by trying to get others to come togther to help these deserving causes. We hope to do this by taking donations to enable us to meet the needs of even more recipients, plus we plan to get our Adopt-A-Team program back up and running on the website in 2009. So please take this opportunity to donate. If even half of the US citizens donated as little as $1, we'd have over $100 million dollars to work with. So even though $1 doesn't sound like much, it can really add up when large numbers of people donate.

If you'd like to donate your time or services to help us with this grand endeavor, please contact us with how you'd like to help and give us an idea of how much time you hope to contribute. Of course, we realize that commitments change, so we are open to being flexible.

If you are in need of donations, please check back soon, as we will be starting a section where you can apply for assistance. Please keep in mind that the extent of our donations are determined by factors like outside donations and our annual income.

We plan to start a new section on the website with updates showing how your donations go to worthy causes. Thank you for caring and for making a difference.

To donate, simply select a dollar amount and add it to the cart. Then check out as you normally would. Thank you for caring!


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