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SpiritU eClasses

SpiritU? E-Classes: Dance Drill Team, Cheerleading, Baton Twirling

What Is Spirit-U??

Welcome! At SpiritU, we are making Net history in the dance and cheer world! SpiritU is the first online cheer dance university campus created in response to repeated pleas for help in specific areas. Often coaches, directors, instructors, dancers and cheerleaders do not have the money, time or family support to attend educational venues such as a camp, clinic, workshop, convention, conference or other instructional training in order to expand their knowledge base. After paying registration fees, workshop fees, miscellaneous fees, matching teamwear, travel expenses, food and lodging, attending one of these venues can easily run into thousands of dollars. The sad part is that we are finding that many coaches, directors or team members are not able to attend these types of on-site classes and the entire team consequently suffers. SpiritU classes offer a cost-efficient, convenient alternative. Classes are repeated several times throughout the year so that you can take each class at your leisure. More important, SpiritU features top instructors who are highly respected within their disciplines. These instructors are not only here to teach you the class material, but to counsel and guide you to deal with real life scenarios according to your own unique situations. Many classes provide tools which are essential to organizing a coaches or team leader's life including constitutions, calendars, sample scoresheets, demerit/merit lists, numerous forms, and more. Students will be able to participate in problem solving exercises which teach the skills necessary to handle issues which are unique to each their own situation. The goal is to equip coaches and other team leaders with the latest, most innovative problem-solving and organizational skills necessary to run the most successful and efficient team possible. Watch for more new classes each semester because we've only just begun...

Before You Begin

Click here to visit our Before U Begin section. Find information you should consider before embarking on your online learning experience including: SpiritU policies, how SpiritU courses work, determining whether to be a Full or Guest Student, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

Catalog of Classes & Dates

Click here to visit our SpiritU? Catalog. This is where you'll find a list of classes, enrollment and semester dates, a wealth of useful reference materials from online publications to bookstores, study skills and much more. Current classes are geared toward cheerleading, dance/drill team, colorguard, mascots, and their coaches, directors, administrators, officers, and other team leaders. These classes are also great for those considering geting involved in these fields.

Testimonials, Updates & News

Click here for news on upcoming classes, SpiritU testimonials, and other important information.


Click here to read frequently asked questions. Learn more about SpiritU, certifications, and how classes operate.



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Baton Twirling Basics For Teachers & Students
eClass to help new baton students and teachers improve themselves and their students and to prepare new twirlers for their first audition or performance. If you are a new baton teacher, teach beginners, or a new baton twirler, this course is for you! Click title for details.
Our price: $119.99
Market price: $300.00 save 60%
Cheerleading Basics - The ABCs of Coaching
eClass designed to assist beginning coaches with the ins and outs of operating a cheerleading program effectively. This course is created in such a way that any coach can easily comprehend the instructional material, enabling them to gain the necessary information to be successful in any coaching situation.
Our price: $119.99
Market price: $300.00 save 60%
Cheerleading Choreography
This eClass will help coaches of all experience levels, even new coaches, understand what they need to do to make their routines dynamic. Whether you are creating a routine for a pep rally, half-time performance, exhibition, team competition, individual competitor, or for any other occasion you will find once you know the steps for successful choreography you will feel your creative juices begin to flow.
Our price: $119.99
Market price: $300.00 save 60%
Cheerleading Stunting Safety & Tips
Cheerleading stunts are safe and beneficial to teams if certain guidelines are followed. Through this course these activities such as trust, safety, health, and techniques, individual progress will be promoted to achieve success. You will learn commitment and safety is a team responsibility, which starts with each individual.

Our price: $119.99
Market price: $300.00 save 60%
Coaching All Star & Non-School Teams
eClass designed to provide coaches of all levels - beginner to experienced - with information, ideas and support for coaching non-school based teams. Click the image fror more details.
Our price: $119.99
Market price: $300.00 save 60%
Coaching Principles - Certification
Being a successful coach is a tremendous challenge. eClass will help both rookie and experienced coaches understand the dynamics that take place between a coach and the individual athlete, and between the coach and the team. Covers coaching objectives, styles, communications skills, and how to reinforce and motivate your athletes.
Our price: $149.99
Market price: $350.00 save 57%
Coaching Youth - Certification
eClass certification course designed to give coaches the information they need to responsibly coach a youth sports program, regardless of which sport. Explore skills progressions, conditioning, injuries, record-keeping and more. Course emphasizes issues that pertain to younger athletes that are not necessarily present when coaching older teams.
Our price: $149.99
Market price: $350.00 save 57%
Small Town or Low Budget Teams
Coaching a team in a small town presents unique situations and challenges for a coach or team leader, especially when that coach is new or inexperienced, or if the team is new. eClass designed to offer the newest, most innovative ideas on running a successful small town team. Whether dealing with starting a new team, working on a bare bones budget, or trying to work with a bare bones team, you will find creative, real life solutions to these situations and more.
Our price: $119.99
Market price: $300.00 save 60%
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