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Footwear FAQs

My child needs a shoe/boot that is smaller than the sizes you show on your website. Can you get a smaller size?
I'm sorry but we are not able to get sizes other than the sizes shown. What some parents or performing groups do in this case is stuff the shoe or boot with tissue paper. Or, if the shoe is just a little too big (like maybe 1/2 to 1 size larger), then they can put specialized pads in them to keep the foot from slipping. We hope to be carrying those pads soon, so check back soon to purchase those.
Are the prices listed wholesale prices?
As with most distributors, the amount of discount you receive is based on the quantity you order. Our discount tier begins for orders of over 20 pairs. Please see "VOLUME DISCOUNTS FOR FOOTWEAR" chart below. Discounts apply only to continental US shipments.
Would an adult size 1 fit a child that wears a children's size 11?
An adult size 1 in most US made footwear would generally fit a foot that is approx. 7 3/4 inches long. Typically children's sizes go up to a size 13, and once that child outgrows a child's size 13 that child's shoe or boot size might then move up to an adult size 1. So for example, a jump from a children's size 11 to an adult size 1 means most likely you're going up about 3 sizes.
Does this shoe/boot size run the same as street shoe size?
Unless it is noted otherwise in the description under the item, that item should run pretty close to street size.
Does this shoe/boot come in any other colors? If not, can you dye or paint it?
All the colors shown in each product's description are the only colors available. Some teams have told us they have died the vinyl boots, but please keep in mind that they are not returnable once any kind of alterations to the product has been made. To find dyes for leather or vinyl, simply search the internet for vinyl or leather auto dye.
How do I clean my vinyl boots?
The best way is to use the vinyl cleaners sold in furniture stores or auto stores. You may also want to consider a vinyl protective finish, sold at same stores, which helps protect your vinyl and resists or retards absorption of water or stains. If you are on a tight budget, use a rag soaked with mild non-abrasive dish soap and water to wipe them clean, and then follow up with clean water to remove soap residue.
I am looking for ___ shoe in ___ colors and/or men's sizes. Do you carry them or can you steer me to someone who might?
We're sorry, but unless the description of the item shows that the shoe you are interested in comes in that color or in mens sizes, then we are unable to get it for you. As we stated above, all the colors and sizes shown in each product's description are the only colors and sizes available.

Quantity Discount
20 - 34 pieces 5% discount
35 - 49 pieces 10% discount
50 - 69 pieces 15% discount
Over 70 pieces please contact us

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