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Finally, there is help for those trying out for dance drill team officer! With American Dance Team Leader: Unveil Your Hidden Potential (formerly called Top Gun Officer Academy Interview Notebook), you'll get winning tips on acing your dance/drill team officers auditions.


Ace The Officers Interview

Top Gun Officer Academy

Tips For Dance/Drill Team Officers Auditions
Dance Drill Team Officers Interview Notebook

PRICE: $49.00


Included in the American Dance Team Leader are those hard to answer questions. Explanations share why diplomacy is a must. For example:

Judge's Question: Is there anyone auditioning today that you feel should not be an officer? Why?

Candidate #1 Answer: Yes, Cathy has had a lot of absences this year and missed several performances due to failing grades. Even though she is one of the best dancers on the team, I feel she may not demonstrate the best leadership.

Candidate #2 Answer: Yes, Misty sometimes criticizes the director, and I think we need more “team players” in order to produce successful performances.

Candidate #3 Answer: I have grown so close to all the candidates, and feel that they are all such wonderful people. I just wish that everyone could be an officer this year.

Backstage Coach's Explanation: If someone is not deserving of an officer position only share the facts. Offer a sincere and and honest reply to the judges and let them arrive at a decision without you coloring the issue with opinions. Candidate #1 answers correctly because absences and missing performances provide factual information.

As a dance director, Gina Sawyer has organized and judged numerous officer auditions. She has studied with renowned pageant interview specialist, Barbara Kelley, who has groomed Miss America and Miss USA winners. Gina has also studied voice and movement techniques with Dr. Jan Sayers, a consultant for Fourtune 500 companies and a professor at Southern Methodist University.

Backstage CoachTM

Gina’s dance experience began with studio training which helped to earn her the title of a lieutenant on the drill team at Lufkin High School in Lufkin, Texas, and dance captain for the Tyler Jr. College Apache Belles Gold. She later performed in Miss Texas Pageants, and with Denton Civic Ballet. Gina currently performs in musical theater with favorites including 1940’s Radio Hour, A Chorus Line, Brigadoon, and Can Can. Gina obtained her dance and English degree from Texas Woman’s University and her masters in liberal arts from Southern Methodist University.

Gina has choreographed memorable special events for the Junior Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Junior Maverick Dancers, the Neiman Marcus Float at the Adolphus Christmas Parade, and assisted with the Peach Bowl extravaganza. In 1999 she was voted as a “Top Ten” director by members of Dance/Drill Team Directors of America, and this year she will be directing the National All-Star Dance/Drill Team.

Organizations in which Gina is a member include Rockwall Alliance for the Arts, Dance/Drill Team Directors of America, Apache Belles Gold Alumni Association, Dallas Dance Council, and the Dallas Museum of Art. She has volunteered as a board member for a total of five years for Dance/Drill Team Directors of America. An avid writer, Gina has published works in Dance Teacher Now, Dance Spirit, and Insights magazines.

Notice that the Backstage Coach and quotes are proprietary property of Gina Sawyer.

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