For many teams, a teammember's weight must be in proportion with their height. Sometime weight restrictions are unreasonably strict. In an effort to fend off potential eating disorders, dTe has created this section to provide liveable ideas for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. This section is currently under construction, but will eventually include weight management, recipes for those in a hurry and those experiencing the limitations of living at school, fitness tips, and education on eating disorders and how they kill.

This section is a team effort. We are always accepting input and articles for these sections.

Terms of Use: The information provided is purely informational in nature. We highly recommend you consult your physician before trying any new eating plan.


Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are very common in the dance and cheer industry, but this fact is not publicized nearly enough. If you are a coach, director or studio owner who runs a team which relies on weight limits or other physical attributes, then please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read these articles about eating disorders, recognizing symptoms, as well as information for those in a position to help. If you suspect you have a team member who may trying to hide this type of problem, then please take a moment to become more informed on ways you can help. For that matter, all coaches, studio owners, and parents alike should be aware of these disorders and their symptoms. You may save a life...

As I look back on my days in dance and drill team, I realize the number of girls that just I myself encountered who had eating disorders...the sore throats, the laxatives, the hair loss. Here are a few good places to get you started learning about eating disorders:




Where Do I Start?


If you find yourself struggling with weight, then the most important thing for you to learn is how diets eventually make you GAIN more weight than you lost in the first place! Why would anyone want to do that? You must be intelligent about how you go about losing weight and/or maintaining it. It is important to learn how food should be your FRIEND and not your enemy or something to be uptight about. We encourage you to commit to continuously taking the time to research about optimizing your mind, your body, and your spirit, because your weight is directly related to all of these things. We say "continuously" because there are some amazing new findings coming out everyday which are safe and effective ways for anyone to maintain a healthy weight. We suggest researching to learn more about the following items.

  • Efficient digestion
  • Maintaining a balanced, low stress lifestyle (which helps balance your body's PH)
  • Deep breathing (which helps balance your body's PH)
  • Regular exercises (even if you only manage to break a sweat 10 minutes a day)
  • Detoxifying the body regularly and safely
  • Enzymes
  • Essential fatty acids ("EFAs")
  • Working toward an alkaline/acidity (or PH) balance (known as "homeostasis")
  • Decreasing or even eliminating meat, dairy, sugar, and chemicals from your diet
  • 8-10 glasses of water, and better yet, water with lemon
  • Increasing your soy intake
You may decide that things like cutting back on dairy and meat are not for you, but until you have tried it and really gotten in touch with how much better you feel, not to mention its dramatic effects on weight, emotions and energy level; you'll never realize the benefits. It is easier more than ever to lean toward vegetarianism, because there is an endless array of healthy alternatives and recipes to get you started. There is also an increasing amount of health information that has come out lately covering all of these topics. Some traditionalist physicians still don't put the emphasis on good nutrition that it deserves, however they are slowly disappearing. If one wants to, one can find a doctor somewhere nearby who has studied beyond his traditional medical school training. The future of medicine is increasingly leaning more and more to a balance between traditional medicine combined with what soem consider to be "alternative" or natural medicine. So search the Net for information and also check back soon for recommended books, recipe books, and links.

It is important that people open their eyes to the power of the milk and dairy lobbyist that affect the governemnt's final determinations on how to design the food pyramid as well as the propaganda that we see everyday through the media and advertisements saying that milk and meat are important parts of a healthy diet. Here are some great articles to get you started to learning the many myths being promoted in the US diet.
  • Protein - Myths and Legends
    Nearly everything you have been taught about the body's need for protein is false propaganda. Find out the truth behind the "Great Meat Myth."
  • Nutrition - The Secret Weapon
    Find out how food can make you sick or make you well? Learn about a live food diet, what the SAD diet is and why is it killing you, and how can you build your immune system from the comfort of your own home.
  • 101 Reason Why am I a Vegetarian
    A reproduction of the 1998 edition of the thoroughly researched and documented article by Pam Rice. All the good reasons you should eat your fruit and veggies instead of meat!
  • Learn More About Soy & Tofu
    An incredibly comprehensive resource offered by Be sure to read The Miracle of Soy Foods.
  • New Vegetarians
    Another incredibly comprehensive resource offered by Great tips for those considering becoming a veg head plus a glossary of vegetarian terms.
  • Effects of Food & Water Toxins like Pesticides
    Learn more about the effects of food and water toxins like pesticides and pollution in our kids' diets, and its effects on their health and mental well being.
  • Detox Tips
    Learn about the importance of detoxifying your body and various ways to detox. We highly recommend learning more about detox than this website offers, because they really don't discuss the reasons why each of these steps are important.
  • Detox, Fruit & Stimulants
    Learn more about common everydays foods' effects on your body.
  • Enzymes: Perhaps the most essential element in a person's eating plan.
  • Living & Raw Foods FAQ
  • Essential Fatty Acids - Good & Bad Fats
    Despite all the concern about fat in our diet, the body does require fat to function. The problem is that most people are getting the wrong kinds of fats in their diet and are lacking the good fats in their diets. Learn more about the benefits of EFAs and how to get the right fats into your diet.
  • Essential Fatty Acids are Essential!
    A comprehensive article about good and bad fats.
  • Cow's Milk is for Cows and Not for Humans!
    People who have been taught that cow's milk is the "perfect food" may be shocked to hear many prominent medical doctors are now saying dairy consumption is a contributing factor in nearly two dozen diseases of children and adults.
  • Fast Food Facts
    Find information on popular fast food chains and restaurants. For those of you who watch for hidden ingredients like dairy, sugar and preservatives, this even includes ingredient lists!
  • General Tips
    Some parts of this website are strange but she offers some very good tips and overall information.
  • Effective Digestion
    Did you know that most Americans do not have effective digestion? So what happens to that food that never gets digested? It stays in the intestines and ROTS which leads to a whole slew of problems like disease, constipation, poor vitamin/mineral absorbtion, lack of energy, slower metabolism, personality changes (like anxiety or depression) and weight gain. This informative article is just the "tip of the ice berg," so be sure to research this very important topic more. Other tips not mentioned in this article are the importance of chewing your food thoroughly. Your stomach does not have teeth and cannot digest foods that are not in liquid form, so make sure to chew each bite 35-50 chews before swallowing. Also, a great way to keep track of how well your food is digesting is to check the regularity of your bowels...twice a day is a sign that foods are digesting thoroughly and going right through you instead of stagnating in your intestines (which leads to colon cancer). Be sure to also read more about supplements like EFAs (like flax seed oil), enzymes, chromium, psyllium husks, filtered (not tap) water with fresh lemon juice at night and/or in the morning, and other natural supplements which aid digestion. Also, don't miss out on the benefits of drinking 8-10 glasses of filtered water a day. It helps cleanse the body of toxins plus aids in digestion, not to mention it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to lose weight!
  • Food Combining & Digestion
    Many foods when eaten in improper combinations can hinder digestion causing food to ferment or rot and then turn to toxins and fat deposits. Learn more about how to combine foods for optimal digestion and health which also increases your energy levels dramatically.
  • Menopause: Don't believe all the propaganda and so called &research studies" that you hear about in today's media

Well I hope these articles can at least get you started on your journey to optimizing health of your mind, body and spirit. There are no right or wrong answers is something that you need to try for yourself and see what works for you. We will add more articles as we run across them, because we are constantly researching health for our own benefit. Also, we will be adding some favorite informational and recipe books soon too. Good luck!





Easy Low Fat Recipes





Warm Artichoke Dip

2 cans artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
1 c. fat free mayo(or mix 1/2 c. fat free and 1/2 c. light)
1/2 c. ALPINE LACE fat free shredded parmesan
1 tsp. lemon juice
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
dash of tabasco
1 c. Healthy Choice mozzerella cheese (grated)

Stir all of the ingredients together. Spray a casserole dish with nonfat cooking spray and lightly wipe excess oil out with a paper towel. Spoon mixture into casserole dish. Bake uncovered at 350oF for 15-20 minutes. Serve with fat free melba rounds in original or garlic flavors It's a hit at parties, even with the men (just don't tell them it's low fat)!
Modified Recipe of Karla Mandrell




Spinach Mushroom Fritatta

1/2 Pkg. Fresh Baby Spinach
1/2 Container Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
1/4 Pkg. HEALTHY CHOICE mozzerella cheese
6 egg whites (and one egg yolk if you can't stand all whites)

A "frittata" is simply an open-faced omelet popular in Italy. The key word here is "fresh." Spray a large non-stick skillet with nonfat cooking spray and lightly wipe excess oil out with a paper towel. Whip the eggs and pour into skillet over low heat. Add spinach, mushrooms and cheese and stir. Do not to stir again until the bottom starts getting solidified. Then take a large spatula and just slide it under the omelet all the way around so that it doesn't stick. Once most of the liquid is solidified, carefully flip the omelet over and finish cooking until the eggs are done. If the eggs get watery while cooking, use a paper to soak up excess water. Spray lightly with a few squirts of butter spray to moisten. You can serve this with some soft corn tortillas as a soft taco too. Simply wrap tortillas in a slightly moistened paper towel and microwave for 20 seconds or until warm. Enjoy!

Greek Omelet

3 egg whites
1/4 Roma Tomato
2 T. PRESIDENT fat free crumbled feta
1 T. Cup red or green onion (chopped)
Spray an omelet sized non-stick skillet with nonfat cooking spray and lightly wipe excess oil out with a paper towel. Lightly saute the tomatoes and onion. They should still be crisp inside. Remove and keep warm in a covered dish. Cook egg whites on low heat without stirring until mostly solidified. This will keep them from getting watery. Flip until lightly done. Place eggs on plate, fill with the tomato and onion mixture and the feta cheese. Flip over the eggs to make your omelet. Enjoy!



[More recipes to come!]



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