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Posted by n/a on July 07, 19105 at 22:45:18:

Set it up xx, Spike it down *(stomp stomp)*

Bump, Set, Spike, Score, What else is a volleyball for?

You gotta bump to set, You gotta set to spike, You gotta spike to win, let's go Falcons!

S-I-D-E-O-U-T, Side out, Falcons, We want, Side out

Bump, set, spike, Shake it to the right

Super super, super super, Our team has got the power, They say we're so bad, But when we spike the ball you know you've been had

S-I..S-I-D...S-I-D-E-O-U-T, Sideout xx Willard xx Sideout xx Flashes xx

Bump it, set it, spike it, Thats the way we like it, ugh

Bump, bump bump it up, Bump that Sader spirit up, Spike, spike, spike it down, Spike that volleyball down, Win, win, win that game, Win that volleyball game!!!!

Bump, Set, Spike...(3x)

Bump set spike it, That's the way we like it, Bump .....set.....spike...., Bump, set, spike!

S-P-I-K-E, Spike that ball

Bump 1, Set 2, Spike it baby, Wu wu!

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