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I briefly scanned through several of your pages and it is obvious that a lot of effort and passion have brought forth such progressive ideas for communication in the dance/drill team world. Not only is the website professional, but it is also dramatic. What wonderful energy the dancers share in the opening photograph. I am looking forward to seeing this site prosper. Again, congratulations on your "debut" with dTe.

Gina Sawyer
'98 Board Member
Dance/Drill Team Directors of America


...This is very exciting!...

Diane Despopoulos
DanceDrill Magazine (now known as InMotion by Dance Spirit)


... I am so proud as well as elated to have this great exposure. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you and I am so proud of you. You have done a great deed for our industry with this site. ... Fondly,
Joyce Pennington
President, CEO
American Dance/Drill Team®


...I am so impressed with your work, Leslie. When I meet you, I want to SHAKE YOUR HAND!

The legendary Dr. Kay Crawford
Miss Dance Drill Team USA


In a review listing dTe as Number 1 of their Top 5 Sites:

I really enjoyed this "one-stop resource and fun center for dance, drill, color guard, cheer and performance groups of all ages." DTE says, "We aim to inform, connect, assist and entertain. Parents, schools, event planners, organizations and dancers of all ages will find a place here. There are a variety of great utilities and interesting sites." Your site is definitely worth of the attention.

Kathryn Morton
Dance/drill team editor

Sorry to confuse you guys, but changed their rating system, so now instead of dTe being ranked #1 of their top five sites as originally rated, they have decided to rate all of the top five sites the same with a five star rating.


...You have developed a fabulous website that I just love to visit! I look forward to learning something new each time I "drop by"!... You know, as a spirit squad that is the cheer squad AND the dance squad (with the same 11 girls!), it's so wonderful to have a dance related website that I can go to for ideas and suggestions! This is by far the most innovative dance site that I've found on the internet and I always look forward to visiting!

...Your site is just amazing! It's always the first dance/cheer resource on the 'net that I visit each time I log on. It's always growing! If I may be of any assistance to you, just let me know!...You've done a fabulous and amazing job!

It's such a fabulous resource and so thorough in it's coverage of all areas of dance, drill, colorguard and cheer! I come here often and it has become a "bible" for me! Leslie has done a fabulous job and has done a great service for everyone involved in the spirit world!

Tonya Cox
Neodesha Varsity Cheer Coach



... Leslie, What a wonderful website! I am in the middle of my first visit there and I ordered two books and a sample magazine. I ended up cancelling my order through Amazon and went with Barnes & Noble. Thanks! Can you tell me which videos would be best for instructional and choreography? I have a lot of new coaches who don't know the first thing about dance routines (NOT THAT I KNOW THAT MUCH!!). Thanks in advance Leslie!

Michelle Ladd



Leslie, Well we took your advice about prayer before competition. It was awesome. The four of us (Just my daughters duet went to this one)held hands and prayed before going on I saw others watching and I hope it had an impact. Anyway the studio owner was concerned that they were not ready to go to such a large regionals yet. They did the best I have EVER seen those two dance. They won first place-Gold award(They even had real live competition) They competed in clogging which usually does not have any competition,there were four in their division this time. Not only that but the girls who won second were very good sports they told them congrats and good job which of course prompted our girls to do the same! On top of that we had a blast! I rode the subway for the first time. We went to Atlanta underground....lot's of fun! Well thanks for the suggestion for prayer! God is Awesome! Keep up the good work!

God Bless! Sandee

Thanks Sandee for taking my advice and learning first hand how powerful prayer is. I hope other teams and coaches and individuals can be inspired by this story. I would like to see more teams/squads take after the example of high school footbal teams and NFL players like Emmit Smith, where the teams huddle and say a prayer before "performing" and how when Emmit Smith makes a touchdown, he ALWAYS without fail kneels down to say a prayer to thank God BEFORE he jumps up to celebrate. We don't have to look like religious fanatics when doing these things. A quick 5 second prayer (or even gesturing your hands like you're praying and looking to the sky and mouthing something like "Thanks God!" ) gets the message across discreetly while giving God the credit he deserves. After all, you wouldn't have hit that move or won that award if God hadn't blessed you with the talent and the opportunity. Think about how actions like Emmit's have spread to other teams, and how you as an individual can make such a big impact on others who may not have had exposure to the power of prayer yet.

Thanks Sandee for being such a good example to so many people. You go girl!

Leslie Goettsch



Hi, Leslie

Thank you for the blindingly fast delivery of Texas Cheerleaders [book]! It is a fantastic little book that I couldn't lay down last night, even while eating supper. I remember two distinct cultural icons of 50's and 60's East Texas life: Bob Wills music; and the Kilgore Rangerettes. Actually. the first dance/drill team that shocked my consciousness was the Navarro County Jr. College "Senioritas", circa 1953. My parents had taken this four year old to a parade (possibly Christmas) in downtown Corsicana; where at least 50 young ladies in short skirts and white boots were plotting something. At the sound of a whistle, they all started marching in place on the old brick street, really stomping hard on their toe taps; and the clatter was awesome! It sounded like a million icicles crashing down at once; and I jumped back up on the curb and hid behind my mother's skirt! I have been curiously addicted to ladies' precision tap ever since!

So the pictures in "Texas Cheerleaders" really trip my trigger of memories; and you couldn't ask for better memories than those of the Rangerettes and all their imitators. I can't imagine Texas without them. Gussie Nell Davis deserves a very big monument.

Thanks again,
Barry & Barbara Bryson


... thank you so much for the informative booklet [kick the hat test]. i have been using it everyday and i know if i keep it up it will pay off. the one stop spirit shop is also great. i visit it almost every day! You are a tremendous help to me in preparing for my college auditions in a few months. thanks again! have a good day! :)

...and later...

Leslie, I cannot thank you enough for your Kick the Hat Test and your listing of private lessons. I just made the Apache Belles and your website played a tremendous role in this. Your technique tips were also great. There's no telling how many girls dreams come true thanks to the hard work you put into Drill Team Exchange. Thank you again. Have a great day.



(letter dated 5/98)...was happily impressed! It is very exciting so far and I can tell you have put a lot of work into it!...We are presently working on our own site--it needs a lot of work, but has brought us much business.
I'd like to know what you have in mind for suppliers......we are very interested. In updating our website and after viewing yours, I'm realizing we need an area to let others know of sites such as yours, and will be doing that! Keep up the great work--you are dedicated and excited and it shows! Look forward to hearing from you!

(letter dated 3/99)So excited about your site!! ...We are extremely pleased with the results from our site and want to thank you for all the hints and guidance you just put out. The upcoming year should be fantastic!

Sherry Rand, The Pom Express


Kristin was very happy to receive [the Kick the Hat Test booklet] and was impressed with the stretching program. Once again, Thank you

Bob Garza


I look forward to receiving my order. I always get so excited this time of year. Practices for new routines, so I am always looking for something new about this time. Thanks for making it so easy to find the things I am looking for.

...and later...

I received the tapes today and have watched them already. Completely satisfied, will help alot.




I received the tape today and I love it. I can already tell what a big help it will be in preparing me for the officer tryouts at the end of this year. I had also ordered your kick the hat booklet and also like that. In a few weeks I am trying out for highsteppers in are schools drill team and the book has helped greatly. Thanks for everything!


Hi Leslie, Here's what coach Anita Smith says about Champion Mix 4:-

I love it, it has a dance beat to it as well as the bangs etc. you expect from cheer music. We love cheermix and for cheer its good but for dance it hasn't got enough of a tune and the champions mix is just what we've been looking for.

Thank you so much.

So we will want to get two copies of #1, #2, #3, and a second copy of #4 (there are two coaches and three squads).

Best Wishes, John.(Bracknell, UK) of the few great dance/spirit team pages i've found...

Webmaster of the Ring of Poms


...I'd also like to congratulate you on such fantastic work on your web site. I could spend all day on the same web site, and never get tired. Keep up the good work!!



...Thanks for all your hard work...You are truly special.

Jo Anne Cates
JAC-RAC'S Video Productions






Could you please delete our post on the Employers forum? We may have found someone and he saw the ad on your site! :)

Sarah K. Foley
Counseling & Academic Support
Hampden-Sydney College


Dear Leslie,

Thanks so much for the compliment! I only hope my site can help has many people out as yours has!

Yours truly,
Marc Farne
Webmaster, CIC


Spirit-U is just what I have been looking for !!!!! My husband is a middle school band director and I want to be able to take over the drill and Spirit squad. The director that left did it all and now the girls are left without anyone and the parents have sort of run the program. We know of other husband and wife teams and we have worked together for over 20 years so I know that it is something we can do. I have a dance back ground and really look forward to being a part of Spirit-U. It has been hard to find any of the information that I need to be able to be a drill coach. I enjoy being with the kids and have been heavily involved with the band program for many years.

Thank You for being here.

Dawn New

PS The band kids call me 'Mommy New"



I am sooooo very excited about finding your website. I am a Music Teacher and have been assigned a new position at an intermediate school, grades 4-6. It is my hopes to develop a beginning drill team group for my 6th graders. The middle school has a drill team and I am hoping to give the 6th graders an non-competitive opportunity to explore the dynamics and benefits of drill team. As a music instructor, I have created a number of group experiences that involve singing and playing of instruments. I am looking forward to taking two of your courses during the Sept. 4 - October 13. What a wonderful b-day present for me as my BIG day is Sept. 5th. I plan to treat myself to your classes. Thanks again for providing this wonderful site for those of us that have a great desire and need some help in making our dreams come true...

P. Frick in Ft. Worth, TX





Let me just echo that Leslie's website is exceptionally informative.

Cheer LTD.


Your site is awesome now and I am sure it will be a great help to me when I am a director...I got both books, Texas Cheerleaders: The Spirit of America and The Total Drill Team Dimension, and loved them both! Thank you so much!

Leslie Mote
Apache Belle & SWTSU Strutter


I coach three cheerleading squads and struggle with creating dance routines for them. I came to see what ya got and saw the fish. Love it! You Go!

Lance Braswell


First of all, I have to give you props for such a great website!! >I'm so glad that someone has made a website for cheerleaders and >dancers- GOOD JOB!!...

Torria Van Buren


I checked out your website and posted an ad! I love your website! It has everything a dancer needs.(I had to ad it to Fav. places) :) Thank you for helping me and I will let all my Team Mates Know about your website!

Thanks so much,


Hey L:

BTW, YOUR SITE IS AMAZING!!! I really like what you've done and the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I really like your resume exchange idea very cool! Club dance and the pen pal program have potential, too! I can't wait to see what kind of response you get to this!! I'm so excited for you! GREAT JOB!

J :-)


...i'm gonna put up flyers in the dorm informing people of the web site! congrats on a job well done!



Can't wait to see the rest of your site filled with content...Congratulations on this new site!
Strutter Mom, Gail Pickens-Barger


It looks really cool...



Thought you might like to know, someone...popped over to my site [from my link you put online the other day].



Thanks for your website....The flag page [under Props and Accessories in the Directory] helped and I also love the rest of it!!! Nice job on it.



...It will be a great asset to teams all over the country to have a web site to use for dance team related ideas and things. I spent a good bit of time at the site last week while looking for the clip art from my home computer. If i run across anything that I think you can use, I will surely send it your way! Please e-mail me at home if you need any help this summer...I am so glad you are setting up this site---can't wait.......

Vicky Durr
Wayne Academy Drill Team Sponsor
Waynesboro, MS 39367


Hi! My name is Trisha and I am an officer for my school's colorguard. I just wanted to let you know that i love this site, and i have linked it to my colorguard web page that i'm working on. Keep up the good work.


I think that it is GREAT that you are taking time to recognize flag corps, drill teams, and dance lines. Not everybody respects them in the way in which they deserve to be. I am captain of our school color guard, and I love it. It's just a shame that some girls never get to experience the joy of stepping out onto the field. Keep up the good work!!!



(letter dated 3/3/99) Your article on color guard techniques and try out tips is the best thing I have read on the subject!!! I printed it out to give to my daughter, who is auditioning for her second year on the squad next Thursday. Your pointers and tips were intelligent and ON THE MARK! Especially, the one about those girls who are competing for a place on the squad for the second and third year. What a great and valuable resource for any girl trying out for a color guard squad! Kudos to you and your staff for this article! WAY TO GO and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
(letter dated 3/12/99)... Again, so very many thanks to you and your staff for the excellent article on Colorguard Tryout Tips. My daughter was able to gain valuable insight to specific things the judges would be looking for and made the squad for the second year in a row. Out of 60+ girls, 26 made the squad. Again, my utmost thanks and sincerest appreciation for the great job you're doing to help the teens of today get motivated and stay motivated!!! You're the best!!!

Joyce Hearron


I am a cheer and dancer mom, this is a get web sight!!!!!!!

Elaine Kirby


I found constitution sample's at Drill Team Exchange -- Leslie's site. There are a few on there and they were a big help.

Tiffany Townsend


...I also wanted to let you know that I love your website! I told all my dance team members from SOUTHERN BELLES about it. If you have a mailing list I would like to be on it!

Thanks so much,




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