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Finally a one stop shop for cheerleading pom poms and suppliers. Find the latest looks in cheerleader pom pons with plastic, metallic, wet look, and glitters. You'll see show poms, youth poms, narrow poms, rooter poms, ring tab poms, klickers, shakers, streamers with solid handle tabs, and much more. Color Charts are provided on our poms pages for your reference only, however colors may not be exact since monitor colors may vary. Our pom colors closely match the uniform colors of major U.S. uniform manufacturers. If close color match is essential, we recommend you contact us to get color swatches before ordering poms.

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Show Glitter Pom Pons




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Glitter Poms

Larger sizes include 12", 13" & 15". Eight pom handles to choose from and six different pom styles. See color chart below.


PLEASE NOTE: Poms are priced individually, not in pairs.


Glitter Pom Styles

Show Glitter Poms

Colors shown:
S: Silver Metallic/Forest Green Glitter
S: White Plastic/Royal & Kelly Glitters
M2: Purple Plastic/Black & Gold Glitters
T: Scarlet & Royal Plastics/Silver Glitter
B2: Scarlet, White, & Scarlet Plastics/Royal Glitter
AB: Silver & Royal Metallics/Gold Glitter

Plastic Show Poms With Glitter

PPPGBSH4 4" S, M2, M3, T, AB X $9.50
PPPGBSH6 6" S, M2, M3, T, AB X $9.50
PPPGBSH8 8" S, M2, M3, T, AB X $9.75
PPPGBSH10 10" S, M2, M3, T, AB X $10.02
PPPGBSH6BE 6" B2 X $10.30
PPPGBSH8BE 8" B2 X $10.58
PPPGBSH10BE 10" B2 X $10.85
PPPGSH4 4" S, M2, M3, T A, AE, K, N, YY $7.80
PPPGSH6 6" S, M2, M3, T A, AE, K, N, YY $7.80
PPPGSH8 8" S, M2, M3, T A, AE, K, N, YY $8.08
PPPGBSH10 10" S, M2, M3, T A, AE, K, N, YY $8.35
PPPGSH6BE 6" B2 A, AE, K, N, YY $8.63
PPPGSH8BE 8" B2 A, AE, K, N, YY $8.92
PPPGSH10BE 10" B2 A, AE, K, N, YYX $9.18
12" & 15" lengths available. Please email us for quotes.

Metallic Show Poms With Glitter

Our prices will be listed soon. Please note that the prices for metallic glitter poms will typically be about double what the plastic glitter poms above cost. If you'd like prices now, please call us at 1.877.299.9866. Thanks!

Vinyl "Wet-Look" Poms With Glitter

Coming soon!

Metallic Show Poms With Glitter

Coming soon!

Glitter Strand Colors

Glitter Pom Color Chart

[monitor colors may vary]

Plastic & Wet-Look Strand Colors

Scarlet Red, Cardinal Red, Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, Denver Orange, Orange* Tennessee Orange, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Bright Gold, Old Gold, Dark Purple, Light Purple*, Maroon, Gray, Brown, Teal, Black, White, Neon Pink*, Neon Green* & Neon Yellow*. *Not available in wet-look.






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