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Golden Girls


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Director – Ms. Fayla Chambers


3200 West Davis, Conroe, Texas, 77304

(409) 760-6695

C.I.S.D. and State Rules Governing Extracurricular Activities

Conroe Independent School District policies FM and FM (L) authorize student participation in extracurricular activities and set the minimum standards for eligibility and membership maintenance based on attendance and grades. These policies include minimum HB72 requirements. The complete texts of the policies may be reviewed in your school library; however, selected parts of the policies are presented for your information.

Definition of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are school-sponsored activities that are not directly related to instruction of the essential elements, but that may have an indirect relation to some areas of the curriculum. They offer worthwhile and significant contributions to a student's personal, physical, and social development. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege and not a right, and students must meet specific requirements in order to participate. Activities may include, but are not limited to, performances, contests, demonstrations, displays, and club activities.

Responsibility for Program

A well-planned student activity program shall be maintained in each school in the District. All student activities shall be under the direction of the principal or a designee and shall be designed to contribute to the overall development of the participant in school-sponsored clubs, organizations, and activities that represent their particular interests.

Maintaining Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate in a extracurricular activity event for a nine-week period following the initial nine-week period of a school year, a student shall not have a recorded grade average lower than 70 on a scale of 0-100 in any course for the preceding nine-week period.

Suspension from Extracurricular Activities

A student whose recorded nine-week grade average in any course is lower than 70 at the end of a nine-week period shall be suspended from participation in any extracurricular activity event. The time will include the succeeding three-week period until the end of a three-week period during which the student achieves a course grade average for that three-week period of at least 70 in each course. This suspension shall become effective seven days after the last day of the nine-week period during which the grade lower than 70 was earned.

Suspension of a handicapped student whose handicap significantly interferes with the student's ability to meet regular academic standards shall be based on the student's failure to meet the requirements of the students Individual Education Plan, as determined by the ARD committee.

The campus principal may remove this suspension if the class is identified as an honors class or

is an advanced class, as follows:

  1. English/Language/ Arts: English IV Academic (Comp), English IV Academic (British Literature), World Literature, Creative Imaginative Writing, Research Technical Writing, Debate III, Public Speaking III
  2. Other Languages: Other Languages III, Advanced Languages I-V
  3. Social Studies: Advanced Social Science Problems.
  4. Fine Arts: Art IV, Theater Arts IV, Band IV, Orchestra IV, Choral Music IV, Stage Band IV, and Music Theory I-II
  5. Mathematical: Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis, Analytic Geometry, Pre-calculus, Linear Algebra, Calculus.
  6. Science: Physics, Physics II, Chemistry II, Biology II.

Out-of School Practice

Students who are ineligible may participate in after school rehearsals but may not participate in performances during their ineligibility.

Limit on Suspension

A student may not be suspended during the period in which school is recessed for the summer or during the initial grade reporting period of a regular school term on the basis of grades received in the final grade reporting period of the preceding regular school term.

Reinstatement to Extracurricular Activities

At the end of any three-week period, following the initial nine-week period, in which a student attains a course grade average for that three-week period of 70 or more in each course taken, any suspension from out of school rehearsal for extracurricular activities shall be removed.

Rehearsal and Performance Time

Students may rehearse outside the school day in any single extracurricular activity a maximum of eight hours per school week. The eight-hour rule does not include Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


A Golden Girl shall provide a spirit-promoting service, be loyal, have high morals and standards, be a good example in and out of school, and develop self-discipline and confidence. She shall also have poise, good posture, and present a good appearance. Being a Golden Girl is an honor. In order to be as "good" as our tradition and history warrants, hard work and discipline are basic components of the program. A Golden Girl’s commitment is to both academics and the Golden Girl Organization. If you are not ready to accept this challenge, then Golden Girls may not be for you.


The Golden Girls Drill Team was established in 1969 by Mr. J.L. McCullough. Under the direction of Ms. Cynthia Gibson, 25 young ladies became the original Golden Girls that year. The team has continued their tradition of excellence through performance, competitions, community service, and the support of other C.H.S. activities. Over the years, numerous young ladies have been a part of the Golden Girls organization. Today, many second generation Golden Girls make up the team. The Golden Girls have also been under the direction of the following: Dotye Stanford Barnes (1970-1976), Cynthia Head Thompson (1976-1980), Diane Watson Cain (1980-1984), Debbie Melton (1984-1985), Betty Buchner (1985-1991), Danielle Rapp (1991-1998), and Fayla Chambers (1998- ).

Organization Director

The Golden Girls organization is under the direction and supervision of the Director, certified and degreed in dance, who is appointed by the Principal, and approved by the CISD Administration.

Purpose of Organization

Selection and Eligibility

Members are selected by an impartial panel of qualified judges and must audition each year. Any candidate wanting to gain membership to the organization must first meet the eligibility requirements and attend the series of rehearsals prior to the scheduled auditions. The candidates will be judged on their appearance, poise, kicks, dance ability, and showmanship. No score sheets will be distributed and all tallies will be kept on file in the school.


  1. All returning members must audition. This includes Military and Social officers. Being a member of the team does not guarantee reinstatement for the following year.
  2. A candidate may seek membership even if she has failed a course during the previous nine weeks period.
  3. She must be in good standing in the Grade Level Principal's office. There must be no recurring behavioral problems (i.e. assignment to the Reassignment School for a repeated offense). "Good Standing" is to be determined by the Grade Level Principal and/or Principal.
  4. A Golden Girl who has lost her membership or been removed from the team may not audition the succeeding year.
  5. A Golden Girl who quits or relinquishes her membership without completing the year may not audition again the following year.
  6. Each candidate should be in good physical condition due to the vigorous nature of the physical activity required.
  7. Prior to auditions, each candidate must have turned into the Director: parent permission form, application, C.I.S.D.

permission form/physical release, teacher recommendations (if required), and any other required information.



All rehearsals are mandatory. Those Golden Girls who choose to have a job in addition to being on the team must schedule their work hours for after 6:00 p.m. Work schedules may not conflict with Golden Girls rehearsals and commitments. Golden Girls must inform their employers that they may need to be flexible with their work schedule, especially during contest season. No Golden Girl will be excused from rehearsals early to go to work (this includes Saturdays).

    1. There will be daily after school rehearsals throughout the year (Aug – May).
    2. There will be several evening and Saturday rehearsals in preparation for competition season. Amember is allowed three excused absences during contest season. She will be replaced in dances after three absences. This applies from December - March.
    3. There will be rehearsals for those attending camp prior to leaving for camp.
    4. There will be 2 weeks of team rehearsals prior to the beginning of school at a time specified by the director.
    5. Full attention and common courtesy will be extended to the person in charge of the rehearsal. Members are expected to display appropriate manners by not talking and by not being disruptive.
    6. Members are expected to be on time for rehearsals and remain the full time.
    7. Members are expected to follow the daily dress code and dress accordingly.
    8. Sitting out for illness or injury during rehearsal may result in being pulled from a performance. If a Golden Girl is truly injured or ill, it is in her best interest and the team’s that she not rehearse or perform until she is well.



Performances are a time when the community directly observes the Golden Girls Organization. Each girl is expected to be an exemplary representative of the group. All performances are mandatory unless otherwise specified.

    1. Golden Girls must audition for each performance.
    2. The director decides who participates in each performance.
    3. All Golden Girls (including understudies) will attend all performances unless otherwise specified by the director.
    4. The drill team sits as a group throughout the entire event. They will sit in assigned positions during the game and will participate in cheers and hand routines throughout.
    5. Members may go to the restroom accompanied by either an officer or a parent chaperone with the director's permission.
    6. Any drill team member whose behavior is inappropriate during the game or at a performance will receive the appropriate punishment and may be asked to leave.
    7. A member must meet the "Attendance Policy" requirements in order to be eligible to perform.
    1. Any member who is late for a performance may not be eligible to perform.
    2. Absence from school on game day will automatically exclude the member from the game performance.
    3. Any member attending an event following a performance must change to appropriate clothing. No part of the uniform shall be worn anywhere except to activities in which the group is designated to perform.
    4. Grades will be checked every third week throughout the year. A member must be passing all classes at the end of the nine-week grading period in order to be eligible to perform. If the member is not passing she becomes ineligible for a three-week period. She may attend rehearsals but may not participate in performances.
    5. Jewelry (earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) will not be worn during any rehearsals or performances.
    6. Fingernail polish (toe nail if the performance warrants) must be removed prior to performances.
    7. Non-members are not allowed to visit with drill team members during the game.
    8. Members are not allowed to talk while in Victory Line, warming up, or waiting on the sidelines prior to their performance.
    9. There is to be no consumption of food or drink while in uniform without the director's permission.
    10. Members are not allowed to get up from, or leave their seat without the director's permission.
    11. Members are dismissed only by the director at the end of the game. Periodically, it will be necessary for members to return to the drill team room after a game to return uniform pieces. Dismissal will then be from the drill team room.


    1. Members must ride to all performances on buses supplied by the school district. The student may return from an engagement with her parents but must present a car riding note to the director 24 hours prior to an event.
    2. If a member is to ride home with anyone other than her own parents, she must have her car riding note signed by the principal, or someone designated by the principal.
    3. No food or drinks shall be allowed on buses without permission of the director.
    4. Group behavior on buses will follow current bus rules and regulations as stated in the CISD student handbook.
    5. Out of town, or overnight trips will be addressed by the director preceding the trip. Rules and regulations pertaining to those trips will be given out to each member preceding the trip. Noncompliance with those rules and regulations may result in loss of membership, and/or disciplinary action by the school.



    1. Team - all returning girls who have been a member of Golden Girls for one full year.
    2. Company A - Gigis and Officers
    1. The number of Gigi representatives will be up to the discretion of the director and the natural break in scores given by the judges.
    2. The Gigis will perform at pep rallies and at other community functions designated by the director.
    3. Any Gigi who does not perform on the field, does not perform at the pep rally for that week.
    4. Any Gigi who is unable to fulfill her duties as Gigi due to poor attitude, conduct, or attendance will be relieved of her position at the discretion of the director.
    5. In order to audition for Gigis, a girl must have been a member for at least one year and that year must be the one preceding their audition. She also must be a junior or senior in order to audition for Gigis.
    6. Gigis will rehearse above and beyond the hours required of a team member.
    7. Both team and Gigi audition scores will be combined to determine her membership in Gigis.
    8. The attendance policy applies to all Gigi performances.
    1. Company B and Company C- all members on the team that are not in Company A or D
    2. Company D - all first year members
    3. Military Officers – see below
    4. Social Officers – see below
    5. Managers


Rules for Officers

All officers are responsible for complying with the following rules in conjunction with the general

rules of the Golden Girls organization.

    1. Must be a junior or senior
    2. Must have been a member of the Golden Girls the full year prior to their year of office.
    3. Must not have become ineligible or on probation more than once the year before.
    4. Must be a member in EXCELLENT standing with the principal and the director.
    5. An officer will lose her office immediately if she spends any time in SAC or RA or receives more than 8 demerits.




The following military officers may be selected during the audition period. There is no set number of officers. Decisions are made on scores and the natural break in scores. In the case where an officer position becomes vacant throughout the school year, the Director MAY or MAY NOT promote the candidate with the next highest score.

    1. Major
    2. Lieutenant Major
    3. Captain of Dance
    4. Captain of Drill
    5. Captain of Co. A,B,C,D
    6. Lieutenant of Co. A,B,C,D
    7. 2nd Lieutenant of Co. A,B,C,D

Specialized Responsibilities for Military Officers

    1. Aid the director in any manner requested.
    2. Help maintain order during the course of any rehearsal, performance, or public appearance.
    3. Attend at least two camps and a leadership workshop during the summer.
    4. Attend all games, rehearsals, and required functions.
    5. Report early at all functions (15 minutes).
    6. Assist in preparing the performances for football season, contest season, and Spring Show.
    7. Be responsible for a squad of team members.
    8. Administer discipline in the form of demerits.
    9. Remain at the conclusion of rehearsals to assist the director in cleanup, music equipment, and any other duties assigned by the director.
    10. Keep a notebook of information concerning the team and drill team class.
    11. Responsible for determining "GG of the Week."
    12. Be an outstanding role model in drill team, school, and the community.


The following Social Officers will be elected by 25% team vote, 25% director’s recommendation and 50% notebook.

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. P.A.C.E. Chairwoman

4. Y.E.S. Chairwoman

5. Historian – may be a junior or senior

6. Junior/Sophomore Representatives

Specialized Responsibilities for Social Officers

    1. All social officers must attend a leadership workshop during the summer.
    2. Social Officers are responsible for choosing Spirit Girl of the Week.
    3. Performing motivational activities throughout the year.
    4. Assist with the planning of Spring Banquet.


Managers will be girls who are non-performing members of the Golden Girls. They will be subject to all the same rules, regulations, and privileges as any member of the team. Managers are expected to arrive early and leave after rehearsals to ensure that all equipment has been taken care of. The number of managers selected will be determined by the director. Requirements: completed application, teacher recommendations, and a 2.5 GPA.

Specialized Responsibilities for Managers

    1. Aid and report to the director at all times
    2. Available to the officers at all times
    3. Responsible for all equipment and their set up/storage. They must ride the bus with the team both ways and make sure everything is taken care of.
    4. Responsible for all props and costumes and their maintenance and storage


    1. Each member must furnish her own day uniforms, rehearsal uniforms, shoes, accessories, garment bag, tote bag, and membership fees/dues.
    2. Each new member will be required to attend summer camp at her expense.
    3. The school will provide the member's pom pons and game uniforms.
    4. On overnight trips girls will be responsible for the cost of their own food and hotel room. Fees may be assessed for travel expenses.


The current policy on fund raising for activity accounts as determined by secondary principals is as follows: High schools, two per year per group and permitted service projects with principal approval. All girls are expected to participate in fund raising.

The Golden Girl Activity Fund is used for the following items: music, dance/ instructional/ performance videos, yearbook pages, contest entry fees, custom choreography, composite pictures, motivational gifts and activities and any other miscellaneous supplies not covered by the CISD budget.

SCHOLARSHIPS - "Line of Gold"

Senior Golden Girls are eligible to apply for scholarships provided by the Golden Girls Booster Club. Booster Club is solely responsible for the fund raising for these scholarships. Senior Golden Girls who apply for Booster Club Scholarships must meet the standards and criteria set forth by the Booster Club in order to qualify. All years of an applicants participation, service, and behavior are taken into consideration. A committee of Booster Club parents, (not including senior parents), will make up the selection committee. This committee decides upon the number and monetary amounts of the scholarships. Funds received from the Super-Halftime Scholarship fund are distributed through scholarships to applicants who meet the specified criteria. This money is separate from Booster Club’s Line of Gold.


Parents of Golden Girls are expected to be active members of The Golden Girls Booster Club. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month with September and January sometimes being the exception due to holidays.

The Golden Girls Booster Club provides funding for the Golden Girls Organization through fund raising activities. Each family will be asked to participate in fund raising activities and raise their share of the budget during the year. Monies raised by the Golden Girl Booster Club is the responsibility of the parents and not the Golden Girl.


Loss of membership can occur for violations of any rules or district policies, including those in this handbook. The director and/or principal may determine appropriate disciplinary action for any conduct deemed inappropriate for a member of this organization while on campus or off campus throughout the calendar year.

Members should keep in mind that:

    1. Immediate dismissal will occur if a member falsifies an excuse or uses the director's name to enter or leave a class.
    2. Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, or any controlled substance, whether on or off campus, is grounds for immediate dismissal.
    3. Dismissal may occur if a member becomes ineligible twice during the school year.
    4. Vandalism of school, community, or public property is immediate grounds for dismissal.
    5. Immediate dismissal may occur for any behavior that is unladylike or unbecoming to a Golden Girl.
    6. The director and/or principal may revoke membership for continued misconduct or poor attitude

of a member. (i.e. recurring behavioral problems, excessive demerits – over 25, poor attendance, etc.)

A Golden Girl will be held accountable for her behavior at all times. Her behavior outside of

Golden Girls is as important as her behavior while she is participating. She is to be a responsible

member through the summer months, the weekends, weekdays, and any vacation time. The

director does not and will not have to tolerate inappropriate behavior from any member.


The due process procedures for loss of membership are outlined in the student handbook in the discipline management section.


Parents and members are required to sign an Acknowledgment page that states they have read, understood, and will uphold the rules and guidelines set forth in this handbook. Golden Girls without an Acknowledgment page, or with an incomplete Acknowledgment page on file will not be allowed to participate in Golden Girls functions.


I. Introduction

Ideally, Golden Girls should be in all classes every day. Extenuating circumstances do occasionally exist that prevent this from happening. If absent for any reason, all or part of the day, the Golden Girl or her parent(s) must call the Director. A note to excuse the absence is due upon return. Demerits will be issued for not calling or bringing a note.

A member is excused from a performance for the following reasons: death in the family, illness (doctor’s note must be available), wedding in the family, or permission is given by the director on special occasions. A note must be brought in order for any absence to be excused. A member is excused from rehearsal if any of the above occur or an appointment for a doctor is made and a doctor’s note is presented. Two day advance notice to the Director is expected. (If the appointment is during the week of performance, the member canot miss more than one/half of the rehearsal and still perform.)

II. Eligibility for attending afterschool rehearsals and performances

    1. A Golden Girl must be in school for 2 of 4 blocks on a given day in order to attend that day’s after school rehearsal or performance. She may attend if she has been at a school sponsored function.
    2. Fall Semester (Football, Jr. Wksps, etc.) –
    1. All Golden Girls must attend 75% of rehearsals during the week to be eligible to perform. (Make-up work, ASD, doctor's appointments are considered absences from rehearsal. School trips are excused, but are still considered an absence.)
    2. The last rehearsal before a performance (not including run-thru) is mandatory in order to be eligible to perform (Halftime and Victory Line). If you miss any part of the last rehearsal, an understudy will rotate into your spot in the dance. (See "Understudy Policy").
    3. GSL (Good Sportsmanship League) participation for the week must be approved by the director the day before the game. Requests should be in writing.

C. Spring Semester (Competition, Basketball, Spring Show, etc.)

    1. A member is allowed 3 excused absences (note required), before an understudy will be placed in your spot in a dance.
    1. If more than one absence occurs during the week of a performance, a member may become an understudy.
    2. A member must be present at the last two rehearsals preceding a contest in

order to be eligible to perform.

    1. Absences are unexcused unless a note from a teacher or parent precedes or follows the absence

or tardy.

III. Understudy Policy

    1. When a member fails to meet attendance requirements for eligibility an understudy will rotate into her spot in a given dance based on the understudy's height and effort during rehearsal. If the understudy's height and effort are inappropriate for the particular spot, the rotation may pass to the next understudy who meets the requirements. The understudy who was passed up will be eligible for the next appropriate open position.
    2. Understudies are expected to attend and participate in all rehearsals.
    3. If a member loses her spot in a dance, she will be placed into that week's rotation as the last dancer in the rotation. Ex: If there are 10 understudies, the girl who lost her spot will be #11 in the rotation.
    4. The rotation picks up each week with the next dancer in line for that particular dance. The rotation does not go back to #1 until rehearsals for a new dance begin.
    5. A member who was absent and lost her spot the preceding week may reclaim her spot on Monday only of the new week, (or the next school day following Sunday).
    6. If a member who wishes to reclaim her spot is absent on Monday, (or the next school day following Sunday), she moves back to the end of the rotation.
  1. Potential Golden Girl Activities

The Golden Girls are expected to attend various functions throughout the year. Anyone missing any activity without prior approval (one weeks notice, if not an emergency) will forfeit one performance.

    1. Competition
    2. Football Games
    3. Basketball Games
    4. Spring Show
    5. Junior Workshop
    6. Open Gym
    7. Sponsor a Competition
    8. Attend dance workshops at SHSU or other locations
    9. Parades (Christmas, Go Texan)
    10. Pep Rallies
    11. FACE
    12. Other Director designated activities



I. Background and General Rules

    1. The Conroe High School Golden Girls will be governed by demerit/merit system. The system will begin on a date designated by the director and will last throughout that member's tenure as a Golden Girl.
    2. The director may assign demerits and merits. Military officers may assign demerits. Merits are assigned only with the director's approval.
    3. Demerits and merits do not carry over from year to year.
    4. Demerits and merits may be assigned at any school or drill team function or activity on or off campus. Golden Girls are always Golden Girls. This means each girl must conduct herself as one at ALL TIMES: 24 hours a day, weekdays, evenings, weekends, summer, and all vacations.
    5. A demerit may be cleared by performing 50 push-ups and 50 high kicks or by performing otherwise designated tasks (ie: cleaning the DT room, helping the director, attending Fine Arts/Community functions, etc.). Military officers may witness push-ups/kicks and must report them accurately to the director. A GG has 7 days to clear her demerit.
    6. A member must clear all demerits by the day before the performance to be eligible to participate.
    7. A member is responsible for checking her own demerits/merits and initialing her status. Any member who participates in a performance without clearing her demerits automatically receives another three (3) demerits. Please take care of your responsibilities!!!
    8. Members must clear all demerits prior to Spring Banquet in order to letter.
    9. Demerits and merits incurred following Spring Banquet carry over to the next school year.
    10. Any member receiving over 25 demerits in one year will be dismissed.
  1. Sample List of Infractions for Which Demerits Will Be Issued

(Amount per infraction is at the discretion of the director)

Failure to call the Director or office in the case of a missed

rehearsal or performance (1-5)

Assignment to SAC, RA, or ASD. (1-5)

Failure to obey commands, disrespect, poor attitude (1-20)

Profanity, or profane conduct (1-12)

Unexcused absence from a rehearsal, performance or required

function (1-12)

Failure to participate without the director's permission (1-12)

Tardiness to rehearsals or functions (1-5)

Talking without permission during warm-up, rehearsals or

performances (1-5)

Misbehavior in the stands during a game (1-20)

Talking to non-members while in stands or while waiting to

perform (1-5)

Leaving rehearsal or class for any reason without the director's

or an officer's permission. (1-20)

Inappropriate, or unladylike behavior on or off campus (1-20)

Failure to turn in forms, uniform parts, etc. in on time (1 per day)

Negligence in uniform care or condition (1-15)

Unpolished or dirty shoes at performances (1-3)

Failure to wear correct rehearsal or performance attire (missing

gloves, shoes, make-up, etc.) (1-5)

Hair not pulled back/secure at rehearsals and performances (1-5)

Public appearance in uniform without authority (1-10)

Removal of any part of uniform during a performance without

permission (including hair) (1-5)

Wearing uniform in public after a performance (1-5)

Inappropriate courtship while in uniform or Golden Girl related

clothing (1-20)

Not participating or paying attention at rehearsal or

performance (1-5)

Allowing a non-member to sit with the team without director's

permission. (1-5)

UN-sportsmanlike conduct (5-20)

Leaving stands without permission (5-20)

Visiting with non-member during restroom break (1-10)

III. Demerits for Officers (in addition to the above)

Abuse of authority by an officer (1-20)

Unnecessary and inappropriate criticism of a member (1-12)

Failure to give demerits when one should be given (1-12)

Failure by officers to set a good example for fellow drill team

members (1-12)

Failure to meet responsibilities (1-12)

All other rules apply to officers. Remember, you are the

EXAMPLES, not exceptions!

IV. General

Assignment of demerits, for any infraction of the Handbook or

rules not listed above, will be determined by the director.


Enrollment in dance classes is completely optional but highly

recommended to help increase and improve your dance ability.

Use your locker for your valuables and clothes. Please be sure to lock it at all times.










A letter will be presented to a Golden Girl based on a point system for participation and service.

Required Performances -(Football, Basketball,

Super Halftime, Parades, Spring Show, Clinic,

Officer Ensemble, etc.) 1 point each

Solo Contest – Division I (one per year)

1 point

Small Ensemble Competition – Division I (one per year)

1 point

Team Competition (per competition)

1 point/dance

Demerits Clear by End of the Year (date specified)

1 point

10 or less Demerits

1 point

Membership for the Entire Year

1 point

Maintained Eligibility ALL Year (no F’s in any classes)

1 point

25 points total will qualify a Golden Girl to letter. Once she has received her first letter, she must attain 25 points each year thereafter to receive a bar for her original letter. This signifies an additional "letter." Additional performances required of Gigis and Officers do not count towards lettering.


The following awards may be given:

  1. Golden Girl of the Week – Dancer that exemplifies the most energy and best discipline throughout rehearsals
  2. Spirit Girl of the Week – Dancer that exudes the most positive spirit and motivates the team throughout rehearsals.
  3. Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior – voted on by the team
  4. Golden Girl or Officer of the Year
  5. Academic Excellence – Members with over a 3.75 GPA.
  6. And any other awards deemed appropriate for that year


Stand for the Gold and White.

Our Colors Raise.

Our Alma Matter’s Might

Leads on Always.

We Pledge Now Joyfully

As Years Go By.

Honor and Loyalty

To Con-roe High.

School Colors – Gold and White (Black Accents)

Mascot - Tiger




This Handbook is meant to be a basic operating instrument and is not intended to cover every operating or disciplinary policy. It should be included in the yearly membership directory along with the Golden Girl Booster Club By-laws.

All Golden Girls and parents must follow this handbook as well as the Conroe High School Handbook, CISD District and Fine Arts Guidelines.



Conroe High Principal





Conroe High Golden Girl Director



Golden Girl Pledge

The following is to be read, signed and returned by all Golden Girls and their parent(s):

I shall conduct myself in such a manner as to be a credit to the organization, school, and community at all times. I will know and abide by the Golden Girl Handbook. I promise to uphold the traditions and will do everything in my power to promote Golden Girl activities and interest. I will at all times to be joyous, courageous, courteous, truthful, considerate, and just; loyal and sincere in friendship; too noble to speak ill of others; willing to forgive and forget; prompt and gracious in obedience; willing to sacrifice personal pleasures for the betterment of others; ready to do all possible service; quick to appreciate what is done for me; respectful to my parents, teachers, and elders, that I may become a fine and worthy young lady.




Signature of Golden Girl



I have read over and discussed the rules and regulations with my daughter. I understand and agree to assist and support her in meeting all requirements in association with this organization.



Signature of G.G. Parent/Guardian





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