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Constitution Examples

Thinking about making a constitution for your squad or team? In dTe's effort to offer quality spirit resources in one convenient location, we have decided it would be better to show you several examples of some of the better constitutions available online than to make up one single example. This way you can get ideas from the varying contents to better accomodate your own unique needs. These constitutions have been made available online without copyright restrictions for your benefit and are provided only as a guide. Though these were originally written for cheerleading, they may be revised for use in other disciplines as well. Please email me if there is a problem with a linked constitution so that I can remove it or get permission to make it available here.

For best viewing, these links will open up a new blank browser window and may not work if you have too many browser windows open already.



BCA Constitution (cheer)

Conroe High School Constitution (dance drill team)

Georgia High Constitution (cheer)

Richmond Cheer Squad Constitution (cheer)

If you would like to share your constitutions, liability forms, organizational forms, student/parental agreements, warning/demerit acknowledgements, and other forms or records so that others may benefit, please either email them to us or snail mail them to:

Leslie's Best
P.O. Box 38
Severance, CO 80546




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