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Looking for specific information? Want to network and meet others in the dance and spirit industry? Even if you're not a team member, a wannabe, coach, special event organizer, parent or school administrator, you're still greatly welcome to just hang out and talk. Be sure to spread the word to friends, dance teachers, coaches and school administrators about the great services at dTe, so that we may continue to offer these services free of charge. As chat becomes more filled with chatters, we will start offering chat times specific to each discipline. Please email us with your time preferences for your particular discipline and we will plan it according to response.

We are currently seeking volunteers to monitor the three time slots in our chat room. You would be expected to be in the room for the entire time slot that you are assigned to. If interested, please complete our online employment application.

Terms of Use: Please exercise common sense, courtesy and respect when using the dTe Chat Live! Though we will try to monitor the chat room vigorously, we cannot be here 24 hours a day. Before participating in our chat room, you first agree to abide by the terms of use. If you encounter a problem visitor in our chat room, a minimum of two visitors may "boot" the offensive user from the chat room for 30 minutes at a time. Please email us immediately if you encounter an offensive user so that we may ban them from using this Chat Room. Enter at your own risk. Oh, and be sure to HAVE FUN!!! Are you ready to chat?!?!

About chat sessions: There may not be a dTe chat monitor present at every chat session. We set session times according to dTe's busiest times so that those wishing to chat can try to meet at these designated times and be more likely to find someone in the chat room. Please bear with us while we try to get monitors for these and other chat sessions. If you would like to monitor a chat session, please read the information above.

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