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Thank you for your interest in DanceCheer.NET, your One-Stop Spirit Shop. We are always looking for part-time, seasonal and full-time staff members to contribute to the DanceCheer.NET cause. Whether the position is paid or non-paid, the experience is rewarding and will show well on a resume for those interested in a career in the spirit &/or journalism industries. You may contribute as much as forty hours per week or as little as a few tips. Your time serves to benefit the thousands of people each week.

Important note for applicants of paid positions: We are only looking for coaches, choreographers, and other related specialists who are the "cream of the crop" for our paid in specialists who have had significant education and experience in the spirit industries. Qualified coaches will possess some or most of the following criteria:

These are the applicants who will be given consideration for paid opportunities with DanceCheer.NET, so please be sure to mention any of the above criteria in your application. Thanks for keeping this criteria in mind when applying for paid positions.



Paid Positions are currently open for writers with the following qualifications:


Nonpaid Volunteer Positions are currently open for the following:

Nonpaid Volunteer Positions For Writing Any of The Following Articles:

Before you fill out this application, stop and think... Once we receive your application, you will be contacted and given several suggestions on jobs according to your application criteria. We have had problems with applicants not responding in a timely manner. Please do not apply unless you are serious about helping out and responding to our emails promptly! We are extremely busy and don't have time to keep up with those that aren't doers. Now, if you are still interested, then please complete the form and press the submit button. Thanks. We love you!


Full Name
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Do you change your email often?
How long have you been acquainted with DanceCheer.NET?
How did you find out about DanceCheer.NET?
How many hours can you contribute weekly, biweekly or monthly?
Will the fact that you are volunteering in any way affect your dependability & dedication?
(For Chat Monitors Only) Will you treat this position like you would a paid job and not cancel your scheduled sessions for unimportant reasons?
Paid position(s) applying for:
Volunteer position(s) applying for:
Can you be counted on to get the job done on time?
What hours are you typically online?
Can you access websites?
Are you comfortable working with HTML and FTP?
Are you proficient in JavaScript and DHTML?
When are you available to start?
Are there times when you will not be available for work?
Do you agree to respond to email and other correspondence promptly?
Do you agree that all ideas discussed about DanceCheer.NET will remain confidential (unless explicitly allowed by Leslie Goettsch only) and that any disclosure would result in possible legal action?

Who are you?

Do you receive any spirit magazines or publications? If so, please name them and briefly describe their general content:

Have you written anything before? If so, please specify what and for whom below:

Please note your experience related to dance, drill team, cheerleading, colorguard, coaching, &/or web design (including titles, certifications and honors). Be sure to specify the number of years you have coached:

Please note all attendance at related camps, coaching conferences/conventions and what classes you took. Please also note all related certifications and rule books you may possess:

How would you like to contribute to the DanceCheer.NET cause?

After reading the available openings, please list which opening(s) you are applying for in order of preference.

What do you feel is the area you are strongest in with regards to your discipline? For example, if you are a cheer coach, do you feel stronger in the area of safety, choreography, organization, parent/public relations, award-winning competitions, or what? Please specify...

What do you feel is the area you need to work on the most? This is basically the opposite of the questions above. Please specify...

Why are you the best person for this job?

If you could change one thing about DanceCheer.NET, what would it be and how would you do it?


Incomplete applications will not be considered! Your ability to follow instructions is a reflection of your ability to be a dependable employee.




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