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Link Exchange Listing
(in return for the required graphic link)

Link Exchange Listing Example:

Team or Group Name & Web Site Link
School Name, City, State

Link Exchange Listings are for public or parochial schools only. Studio owners and non-school competitive team owners, please see the Basic or Full Page Listings below. In order to list your team with the free Link Exchange Listing, we ask that you return a link to the dTe home page. If you do not have a web site, please see the other listing options below. Those with more than one team may add additional listings for a one-time prepaid fee of $15 (no annual fee). Free Internet Exchange Listings will only be accepted by the team's director or by the team's web site manager. Team members, please contact your director or web site manager to complete the Club Dance form.

If you would like a graphics link, simply copy & paste the following HTML code:



Link to dTe using this graphic link

Copy and paste the following code. Please remember that DanceCheer.NET links are ONLY allowed on websites with kid-safe content!

<CENTER><a href=""><img border=0 src="" alt="Clipart by DanceCheer.NET One-Stop Spirit Shop <br> Dance, Drill, Cheer & Color Guard MegaSite"><br><Clipart by DanceCheer.NET:<BR> Dance, Drill, Cheer & Guard MegaSite></a></CENTER>

and the DanceCheer.NET logo & link will look and act like this:

					One-Stop Spirit Shop
Clipart by DanceCheer.NET One-Stop Spirit Shop
Dance, Drill, Cheer & Guard MegaSite

Basic Listing
Includes everything in the Link Exchange Listing plus a picture or logo (up to 150 pixels wide x 150 pixels high), your postal address and phone, an internet link to your web site, an email link and up to two lines for promotional comments or information. Each additional line is $5/year. Click here to view an Basic Listing example (note: these Basic Listings have paid to have more than three lines of promotional comments).
Advertisement Listing
Includes everything in the Basic Listing plus a picture or logo (up to 150 pixels wide x 150 pixels high), your postal address and phone, an internet link to your web site, an email link, up to five lines for promotional comments, and up to five categorized comments of your choosing (which may include scholarships, clinics, memorabilia, tryout information and requirements, notable events or performances, televised performances, dance style, dance programs, and other topics of interest which may attract more quality candidates) . Each additional line is $5/year. Click here to view an Advertisement Listing example.
Full Page Listing
Includes everthing in the Advertisement Listing plus a link to your own webpage (equivalent to an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper) for displaying up to four graphics or information like team or group merchandise, tour schedules, fan clubs, audition requirements and dates, camps, workshops, honors, credits, jr. squads and more. Great option for teams who have no website. Also popular for pro cheer and dance teams. Convenient encrypted Secure online order forms are now available for $30/year for those wishing to sell memorabilia on dTe. Nonsecure forms are $20/year. Click here to view a Full Page Listing example.
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