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The latest craze in team spirit is the lighted LED power pom. Imagine a half time where you go out on the gym floor and line up to perform, the lights go out, the music starts and your fans go wild as you wave glowing poms in your performance. Or imagine handing out these light up poms to team fans as they enter the stands before the game, then as night time comes upon you, the opposing team is awe struck by the sight of the glowing stands in your team colors. It's special effects come home! Lighted Power poms are great for sporting events, concerts, Halloween, parties, nighttime events, conventions, pom routines, are only limited by your imagination. It's no wonder that once people see these in action, they're on the Web trying to find out how to get them for their own team. Better yet, they are reasonably priced so they make great fundraisers. These light up poms come in two sizes and prices, so they can meet every budget. Plus they come in a variety of colors, so you can coordinate them with your school or team colors.

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Lighted LED Power Poms

Lighted Light Up Power LED Poms




Lighted Power Pom Poms



Light Up LED Poms
Power Pom #EGPP
Power Pom Jr. #EGPPJR [discontinued]

[choose from two styles]

Light Color Choices:
  • Red, white, blue, jade green, orange, yellow, blue/red, or purple.

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