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Dance Ministry Colors


We have received several requests for the colors and their symbolism in the bible, praise and worship, and ministry dance. Color plays an important role in dance ministry because colors in the Bible often carry symbolism. Below are some colors and their symbolic associations to help you design flags, ribbons, costumes, etc.


Color Meaning Scriptural Basis
Black Righteous Judgment Lamentations 4:6-8
Blue Heaven, Holy Spirit, Grace, Remembrance of Godís commands, River of Life, Peace, Royalty Numbers 15:38, Esther 8:15
Gold Glory of God, Royalty, Kingship Esther 1:7
Green Healing, New Beginnings, Restoration, Life, Growth, Vigor, Hope Rev. 22:2, Hosea 14:8
Orange Praise, Fire of God Exodus 27:1-4, Exodus 35:16, 1 Chron. 15:19
Pink Right Relationship, Joy, Compassion Ezekiel 11:19 Amplified Bible, Ezekiel 36:26
Purple Royalty, Kingship, Majesty, Dignity Judges 8:26
Red Blood of Jesus, Spiritual Warfare, Celebration, Royalty Rev. 12:11, Matthew 27:28, Nahum 2:3
Silver Redemption, Strength, Faith Genesis 20:16, Matthew 27:2-9, Psalms 66:10, 12:6
White* Purity, Innocence, Light, Beauty, The Lamb of God, the appearance of God, Holiness, conquest & victory, Completion
*White is a combination of all the colors of the spectrum and carries an extra blessing.
Rev. 7:9, Psalm 51:7, Daniel 7:9, Rev 6:2, Genesis 9:13
Yellow/Amber Godís Divine Glory, Presence of God Ezekiel 1:4, 8:2

Other color symbolisms and associations are:

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